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Part 2- Drugstore Nail Wrap Review: OPI, essie, Maybelline & Sally Hansen

Alrighty folks, I’ve been putting these newfangled wrap things to the test, to let you know how they compare and actually wear on the nails.  In my last post, I reviewed the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips for you, and it received a sad score of 10/25. Let’s see how the Maybelline wraps compare!

As you may know, I normally use Jamberry Nail Wraps – but they aren’t the only wrap on the market – far from it! I found wraps from Sally Hansen, essie, Maybelline & OPI that all have similar claims – easy to apply, long lasting salon quality results you can get at home!

My second trial run with drugstore nail wraps were from Maybelline Color Show Fashion Prints.  These retail for about $9 and contain 18 strips in different sizes, a nail file and a plastic pokey thing which I never did figure out exactly what it was meant for.

what comes in a kit

The instructions say to gently place on your bare nail and press down, starting at the base. Like the Sally Hansen Nail Wraps, once you open these, they can’t be reused. So you get one manicure from the set.

These are thicker than the Sally Hansen wraps and come stuck to one sheet like Jamberry wraps, which was easier to apply and less messy. I didn’t have a thousand little static clinging backings floating around as I tried to apply the next nail.

Stickers on a sheetThis seemed to be a faster process too than the Sally Hansen’s – I actually did my nails while sitting on the couch watching TV with K. And the result? I like the look of these better, and although I had to trim a few to make them fit my nail properly, they seemed to generally fit the shape of my nail quite well. The tips also filed off easily, leaving me with a pretty clean edge – however I did notice that I filed a bit on an angle instead of straight down and ended up damaging my pointer finger tip. Clearly not a pro, at least not yet anyway!


So I did these nails Sunday night, and it’s now Thursday, so four days in and this is how they look. I received a compliment on my nails yesterday in the elevator at work, so that was a nice little boost!

~Update #2~

It’s friday, and these nails are officially toast. They are showing some wear, and so I picked at one at work today and it came right off.

The Final Verdict:

  • Availability -2/5 (Not entirely sure where to find these)
  • Ease of Application- 5/5 (easy peasy, nice and tidy )
  • Durability- 4/5 (lasted 6 days in total and wore pretty good)
  • Choice of Styles -2/5 (only came in one other pattern)
  • Price -3/5 (in line with what other brands cost, lasted 6 days.)
  • Overall Score: 16/25

Alright, so stay tuned my friends,  as I’m going to be reviewing OPI  & essie Nail Wraps next and will grade them with the same criteria! More to come…

Like this post? Tried these before, or found them in a greater variety of colours? Let me know  by leaving a comment down below! I love hearing from you! beauty and the beaver


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