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Part 1- Drugstore Nail Wrap Review: OPI, essie, Maybelline & Sally Hansen

Alrighty folks, I’m about to put these newfangled wrap things to the test, compare and review them for you, and really see if they live up to the hype!

As you may know, I normally use Jamberry Nail Wraps – but they aren’t the only wrap on the market – far from it! I found wraps from Sally Hansen, essie, Maybelline & OPI that all have similar claims – easy to apply, long lasting salon quality results you can get at home!

I’m going to do a full set of each brand on my nails and let you know what my first impressions are, show you how they wear, and make note of any observations I have. (Be warned, this is going to be a long post!)

First up, I did the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in French Mani – 001 Pink Macaroon. These retail for about $9.99 and contain 16 strips  & tips, a mini cuticle stick, a mini file and buffer. These also do not contain DBP, Toulene or Formaldehyde which is great news – the less nasty chemicals on my fingertips, the better!

Here is what comes in the kit – two packs of clear wraps, sparkly tips pack, and instructions, file and cuticle stick

It’s a 2 step system – the instructions say that first you apply the sparkly pink tips to (obviously) just the tips of your nails, and then over top of your entire nail you apply a clear strip. Then gently file in a downward motion the excess off the tips of your nails. Once you open these, they can’t be reused. So you get one manicure from the set.
This took some getting used to, as the strips are super thin and delicate and are sealed between a backing and a clear top that need to be peeled off. I had little bits of plastic static clung all over me and extra bits of nail wrap adhering to my fingers. I also noticed that its really easy to tear the strips – which is a mixed blessing – any bits that ended up where I didn’t want them, I just pulled off or snipped off with my cuticle scissors. But in the process I also tore off a little bit of the nail wrap that I wanted to keep. Boo.

Although this is supposed to be a quick process, K was able to pack up the dog in the car, make a trip to an electronics store, buy himself some goodies and get back home and unload before I finished putting these babies on. But hey, I’m also a first timer with these! Maybe it gets faster?

The final result is a manicure that doesn’t exactly look professional, but it does look decent. I had a couple spots where the wrap clung to itself kind of like saran wrap does when you’re pulling it from the box, which means I have a little ridge in my manicure. It’s definitely not noticeable from a distance.

PicMonkey Collage


Day two and I’m noticing quite a bit of wear around the tips already! Not sure how these will last…

please ignore my poor damaged cuticle on my pointer finger… ouch!

~Update #2~

Ok, so these didn’t last too long. My pinky lifted quite a bit and then my thumb nail did too and before i knew it I was picking these off. So officially I wore these from Friday – Sunday which isn’t a great record. To be honest, I didn’t love them as much as I hoped I would anyway, so I was ready for them to be gone.

  • Availability -4/5 (I’ve seen these pretty much everywhere)
  • Ease of Application- 3/5 (clung to itself, had to reapply one nail)
  • Durability- 1/5 (2 days before lifting)
  • Choice of Styles -1/5 (this was the only style I found)
  • Price -1/5 (in line with what other brands cost, but $10 for a 2 day manicure is quite expensive)
  • Overall Score: 10/25

Alright, so stay tuned my friends,  as I’m going to be reviewing OPI, essie & Maybelline’s Nail Wraps and will grade them with the same criteria! More to come…

Like this post? Tried these before, or found them in a greater variety of colours? Let me know  by leaving a comment down below! I love hearing from you! beauty and the beaver



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