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Hard Candy – Advent Calendar Day 8 (Blogmas Day 21)

Welcome to Day 8 of the Hard Candy Advent Calendar Adventure!!

As you may know, I picked up a couple of these great Advent Calendars the other day! I’m going to do a first impressions on each, plus update you with my thoughts as I try everything out.

Hard Candy Advent Calendar


I’m going to review what is behind the doors in descending order. If you are going the other way, or haven’t done yours yet, why not read something else for now,

like this How To – The Perfect Red Lip (Blogmas Day 11).

Here’s what day 8 had to offer:


Door 5 had Bitty Blue 639 a blue polish with lots of shimmer in it. It seems exactly like the first pink and purple I swatched in that it went on streaky and not even remotely opaque. This one I’m not a fan of and I’ll probably never wear.


Door 5 had another Eye Def Metallic Shadow in it, in the shade Robot. This one is a much deeper, much bluer steel silver than the first one from day 6. Again it swatched on my hand a bit sticky, but dried down to a shade that won’t budge. However its not totally opaque so a good primer would be necessary to make this work.

Stay tuned for more…

So what do you guys think so far? Have you tried either of these products before and if so, how did you like them? Let me know in the comments down below, I love hearing from you!

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