Coastal Scents Order Unboxing and First Impressions (Blogmas day 13)

I first came across Coastal Scents years ago,  when I was in college and experimenting with makeup.  As a student, I didn’t feel comfortable pulling the trigger and ordering online from a site that I didn’t know much about. Since then, their site has come a long way and I’ve watched quite a few reviews,  both which have brought me to the point where I can actually try it myself!

I ordered this as part of their Black Friday sale back on November 28th when a bunch of stuff was 50% off, which is crazy since it’s not expensive stuff to begin with. My order shipped December 4th and arrived this afternoon! So just over 2 weeks from order to arrival. Yayyy!DSCN3067

But first things first:

I ordered a 12 piece interchangeable palette and 12 Hot Pot shadows to go along with it. They also sell a ton of other stuff, like pre-made palettes and blushes, contouring kits, blushes and lipsticks!

I stuck to the shadows and went for neutrals since this will be my first time trying Coastal Scents,  and neutrals are the colours I wear most often anyways. Easy peasy! I want to get a good idea what they’re like in terms of quality, so being able to wear them to work everyday and compare them to my other nude shades is a must.

The 12 piece palette was $2.68USD and each Hot Pot shadow was $.98USD. Absolutely ridiculous! My grand total was about $14.50USD, with shipping was $26.32USD, or about $36 CAD. Now this seems like quite a bit for a palette and that’s because it kind of is – even with 50% off, the shipping and exchange really make a huge difference. I need an American friend to ship things to. Also I need the Canadian dollar to get a little stronger!

I could have instead purchased a 252 pc set for about the same price (sale price at 50% off), just to give you an idea about how cheap this stuff is! I do however like the idea of being able to choose my own shades as I never end up using all the bright colours that large palettes inevitably come with! Also, I’m a bit *ahem* short on space these days in my bathroom cupboard due to some recent purchases…

But let’s get down to the good stuff:


The shadow Hot Pots are shipped with each in its own little plastic package, with a couple smart designs – first, you have to “unlock” each one as the closure acts a bit like a toggle. Then, the package has a little indent for you to stick your finger in to get under the shadow pan and pop it out. I arranged all the packages first before deciding how I wanted them in the palette. The shadows look absolutely gorgeous through the packaging! I can’t wait to get them set up and give them a whirl!



The whole thing came with a tiny sample quad as well – how cute is that? I love the fact that this was included for me – lets me try out shades I would never have purchased and see what the bold, matte formulas are like!

The 12 piece palette itself feels really nice, its a great quality! Its quite a bit smaller than my MAC 15 piece palette.  The snap closure is secure, the lid stays open on its own and the entire inner lid is a mirror which is super handy! The Hot Pots stay in place by magnet, so no worries of them falling out if you open the case on an angle.

Here’s what I ordered, from Left to Right, Top to Bottom:


1. Hot Pot -Champagne Orange

2. Hot Pot -Caramel 

3. Hot Pot -Coral Treasure 

4. Hot Pot -Copper Glaze 

5. Hot Pot – Mauve 

6. Hot Pot – Antique Maroon

7.Hot Pot – Cajun Craze

8. Hot Pot – Canyon Coral 

9. Hot Pot -Victorian Pear

10. Hot Pot – Sand Storm

11. Hot Pot -Southern Wood 

12. Hot Pot – Amaretto

I played with these a tiny bit just to swatch for you, and I am totally impressed with the quality! Check out a bit of Champagne Orange on my finger:



They feel really velvety and smooth, some more than others. My finger picked up quite a bit of pigment with one swipe. Cajun Craze and Amaretto in particular elicited happy noises from me as I swatched. These are on par with Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette in terms of how nice they are to swatch. The colours are beautiful and feel really high end.

Swatchy Swatchy!


These are the first 8 in order (Champange orange is really hard to see in this light):

1. Hot Pot -Champagne Orange 2. Hot Pot -Caramel  3. Hot Pot -Coral Treasure  4. Hot Pot -Copper Glaze  

5. Hot Pot – Mauve 6. Hot Pot – Antique Maroon 7.Hot Pot – Cajun Craze 8. Hot Pot – Canyon Coral 

And the last 4, plus the 4 freebie mini shadows:


9. Hot Pot -Victorian Pear 10. Hot Pot – Sand Storm 11. Hot Pot -Southern Wood  12. Hot Pot – Amaretto

Bonus 4: Light Taupe, Burnt Umber, Cinnabar Rose, and Midnight Blue

As you can see above, the swatches are really highly pigmented. They are showing a bit more yellow than they appear IRL. I can’t wait to show you more as I play around with these guys!

All in all, I’m really pleased so far but I’m not sure that it’s worth ordering much more at this point due to the shipping, exchange and the two week waiting period it takes to get my hands on these. I might order again next time everything goes on sale and try out one of their blush palettes?

Have you guys tried much from Coastal Scents? What did you think? As always, let me know down below, I love hearing from you!
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