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How To – The Perfect Red Lip (Blogmas Day 11)

In all honesty I’ve been putting off writing this post because I’m afraid it will be a big one! But Christmas is coming, and with it parties and get together’s and all sorts of occasions on which someone might like to rock a bold red lip!

how to wear red lipstick 3But I get it – it’s intimidating! There are so many reds to choose from – and what if you pick the wrong one? Red is so eye-catching, but what if it seeps off the lip or smears a bit? There would be no hiding that! What about the dreaded lipstick teeth?

Well friends, never fear – I am here to help you with this! Let’s break it down:

1. Picking the Right Red

Red lipsticks come in so many different shades, how can you possibly pick just one? Much less the right one for your skin tone? I feel your pain, I do! It’s hard to narrow it down, especially since they range from the orangey reds all the way across the spectrum to the brick reds and the bordeaux shades. And not every hue looks great on every complexion.

As a general rule, warmer toned complexions can pull off an orange based lip colour better than cooler complexions.

Fairer skinned girls with cool undertones should stick to more berry-hued reds.

If you want to delve into shades that are not typically universally flattering to your skin tone, the good news is you can! You do need to do some work to balance it out, by being mindful of how bright the shade will look against your skin tone and making sure that you balance the drama on your beautiful face! Check out this excellent article by MakeUpGeek.

2. Applying Red Lipstick

I personally feel like Red Lipstick is a whole different animal than other shades. It takes a bit of work to get it looking right.

First step – take a warm, wet washcloth and gently exfoliate your lips. This helps prep your lips and remove any dead skin. Cracked, dry lips will only be emphasized by a thicker lipstick, especially if yours is not particularly moisturizing.

While we’re on the topic, give your pretty bare pout a swipe of your favourite balm. Then, press your lips together and wipe off any extra with your fingers. This prevents stripping everything off that you’ve just applied like a tissue our makeup remover pad might.

Be sure  to use a good lipliner. It doesn’t have to be the exact shade that your lipstick is in, just bear in mind that if its not at least close, it will change the way the colour is perceived on your lips. I personally use a clear lipliner so I can use it with any colour without altering its true shade.

Once the lipstick is applied, use your finger or a lip brush to press the colour into your lips. Some people recommend pressing your lips together, but since my bottom lip and top lip are not the same shape, if I do this it ends us getting the colour everywhere I don’t want it to be! Not a great look.

I personally like the way lipstick looks when the edge is a little blurred, rather than a completely stark line. So I use a q-tip to gently massage the colour around the edges. You can skip this step if you want a more intense look.

Lastly,  always blot. Essentially you want to apply your lipstick, press it into the lip and then take off any excess. This spreads the pigment as evenly as possible, gives the most natural look to your red lip, and removes anything that would inevitably be migrating elsewhere, which I’m guessing you don’t want.

3. Final Tricks

I only have two, but boy are they good ones! Of all the tips and tricks that I’ve tried, this is the first that actually stuck and that I use on a regular basis.

After you’ve moisturized, lined, applied, pressed the product into your skin and blotted, take a clean finger and stick it in your mouth. Suck your finger gently while pulling your finger out of your mouth. Really – I’m serious!

What you’ve just done is removed the lipstick thats on the very inner portion of your lips, the lipstick that usually ends up on your teeth. ‘Cause that lipstick-teeth look is even less sexy than you think. This one trick has not failed me yet, and I use it with most shades I wear. Its especially applicable to red lips however – as nothing catches the eye quite like a gorgeous, bold red. Other than a gorgeous, bold red on your teeth.

The last step with any red lip is to take a clean triangle sponge and pick up a little concealer.  Use the edge of the sponge to pat concealer as close to your lip line as possible. This creates a very clean line around the lips, making your lipstick really pop!

Ta-da! You’ve just created the perfect red lip! All that’s left to do is rock that sassy look at your next Christmas party or get-together!

red lips

What do you think? Do you have any tips or tricks to add? What shade is your fave? Let me know in the comments down below, I love hearing from you!

~14 Days and Counting~


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