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essence Eyeliner Pen Review (Blogmas Day 8)

I will never forget the day I first tried eyeliner, proudly walking downstairs for dinner, flaunting my newfound femininity and beauty prowess.

My dad asked me if I  “like all that black gunk around my eyes?” And perhaps I did apply the black in such a way that it “gunked”, perhaps my dad in his own way was trying to warn me that the racoon-eyes look hasn’t really ever been hot.  We shall never know because fortunately for me, I lived those awkward moments prior to the era where each moment is exhibited online, forever.

I like to think I’ve learned a thing or two about eyeliner since that day I first debuted that hot new look. I’ve tried it in many forms and colours, and it’s truly taken some time for me to weed out the truly bad stuff.

One of the most recent eyeliner’s I’ve tried is the feature of this blog post, essence’s Eyeliner Pen. I bought it back in November and posted my first impressions about it here.

The Small Haul - essenceIt apparently only comes in one colour, and that colour is probably just “black”, but I can’t confirm because the packaging doesn’t actually say. What it does say, is that the eyeliner is “Extra Long Lasting” and that its a “eyeliner pen for a precise line, colour intensive and extra long lasting, smudge-proof”. And that’s it.

The packaging is pretty simple, it is slightly bulkier than a regular eyeliner pencil and with the cap on,  it blends into the rest of my stash pretty easily. But once you take the cap off, thats when it really stands out. Because it looks exactly like a felt-tip pen. Actually, it might just be a felt-tip pen.

essence eyeliner penI’ve used this to create a heavy eyeliner look with thick wings, I’ve used it to squeeze right between my lashes for some subtle definition. It stays put and despite my watering eyes, I’ve yet to have streaks of black running everywhere. It’s certainly versatile, but the best part in my opinion is this: It’s easy. And it’s cheap. I honestly don’t recall what I paid for this, but it was less than $3. And here is why I bought it:

I was in the middle of the aisle in Shoppers Drug Mart, in front of the little essence display, and I noticed another lady coming in my direction, so I went to scoot out of her way. She laughed, saying she was after the same thing I was. She bent down, grabbing a few eyeliners and said “Good thing these are inexpensive, I have to keep buying these things, as my daughters keep taking mine!”

And that was all the endorsement I needed to try one of these liners. I’ve been loving everything else from essence, why not give this a whirl?

So I said that this is an easy eyeliner, but how tricky can eyeliner really be? Well…I rarely get my two eyes to match exactly, and I can’t be the only one with this issue! Some days I end up with overly dramatic wings, purely from trying to even out and balance the two sides. The only thing to do on days like this is to roll with it, and rock the extra thick cat eye!

This pen however, offers a lot of control over where the product ends up, thanks to its firm, fine tip. I enjoy that, especially because it means I have less screw ups, and therefore a wider range of eyeliner looks I can rock.

Essence eyeliner pen applicationNow I do love this pen, but I will warn you that it does have one design flaw – it must be stored sideways or tip down, or you won’t get enough ink in the tip for a consistent application.

Despite this, I reach for this often, more often than my regular pencils or my Benefit’s They’re Real Push Up Liner which cost upwards of $30.00. Literally 10X cheaper, this liner kills Benefits (although they are two admittedly entirely different products).

Moral of the story: Cost does not equal quality as this liner from essence is great! This would make a great stocking stuffer as well!

What about you guys? Have you tried this liner? Feel free to leave a comment down below, I love hearing from you!

~19 Days and Counting~

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