New Christmas Traditions, Old Christmas Traditions (Blogmas Day 4)

I do the things that most of us do, I hang stockings and decorate a tree! I put out little things like red hand towels, and scented hand soap, and replace the dish we keep our keys in with a cute festive one.
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K & I have a couple that we’ve started here in our household, and truly it doesn’t feel like Christmas without maintaing these special little rituals. As time goes on, we add new traditions too from both of our families and see what sticks, what is meaningful for us to maintain.

So what do we do each year that we consider to be special?

Well for starters, each year I sit down to write Christmas cards. I’m not able to get a card to everyone, but with some dedicated effort and a few glasses of wine, I pump out what probably I only think to be quirky, and personal sentiments about the year and the friends I’ve shared it with. It’s my way of expressing my gratitude for the relationships that are a constant in my life despite things like distance, different directions we’re headed in in life, and the stresses of jobs and families.

I know how much I enjoy receiving Christmas Cards each year, and I can only hope that my little messages with holiday greetings bring the people I love at least some of the joy I experience!

And when it comes to Christmas cards I’ve received, I take a tradition my mom maintained at my childhood home, and create a garland of cards around a prominent doorway. I love this one, and it makes me so happy to see all the well wishes each time pass by.

K & I always watch the same Christmas movies each year and it really sets scene for Christmas feelings to unfold. Some of our favourites: Home Alone, The Santa Clause, How the Grinch Stole Christmas… if you are into Christmas movies like I am, check out the full list in my blog post here.

Each year, on Christmas Eve, K & I  open one Christmas gift. And each year its a special pair of ornaments, one for him and one for me to commemorate the year. This is a tradition I grew up with as well.  It’s so nice looking back and trying to remember which ornaments are from what year and try and recall what we would have been doing at that time.

Some of my favourites are a pair of fawns, two red stars, and a very special one, a little house ornament K’s mom bought us when we first became homeowners. This year, hanging this particular ornament had special meaning as this is the year we lost K’s mom after a lengthly illness.


Which brings me to the next tradition – the Christmas Cork tradition! Each year, I save a cork from a champagne bottle opened either at Christmas or New Years and turn it into an ornament to decorate next years tree. I like to write the year on it so that I can keep track and continue growing my collection! I invented this one myself so it’s definitely a unique tradition.

When it comes to baking, I don’t do much of it anymore at all, except around the holidays! I try to make a couple of the recipes my mom used to make, in smaller batches of course as it’s just for K & I. Favourites include Molasses Drop Cookies, Nuts & Bolts, Mint Chip Mini Shortbread Cookies… I’m drooling just thinking about these!

Are you guys interested in some of my recipes? Do you have a special recipe that you can’t get through the holidays without? Leave a comment down below to let me know, I love hearing from you!

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