Happy First Blogmas!

IMG_4934You may already think I’m crazy. Well, guess what? I’m going to be participating in Blogmas this year! This will be my very first year – as Beauty and the Beaver is my first active blog that I’ve been writing over the holiday season! So happy First Post of my First Day of Blogmas!

Blogmas  = a challenge to post every. single. day. leading up to Christmas!

So this blog is about to dive headfirst into the holiday spirit! I’m going to be bringing you all sorts of festive-themed blogging goodness. Beauty and the holidays go together like… Christmas trees and twinkling lights! Everyone is getting dressed up for get togethers and putting their best face forward… everyone is busy looking for the perfect gifts, the perfect playlists, and new ideas for crafts and traditions that will become a part of your yearly holiday ritual. So I’m here to help with this too!

Stay tuned for all sorts of wonderful things, like photos, recipes, decorations, holiday gift ideas etc.

Merry Blogmas!

beauty and the beaver




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