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Shop Miss A .com! Everything $1 -Small Haul & First Impressions!

DSCN2712For those of you who aren’t addicted to beauty vlogs on Youtube, you may not have noticed the explosion that happened (is happening) around the website Shop Miss A .com.

I came across the site first through Youtuber Krissy Grotez’s video EVERYTHING $1 | Shop Miss A Haul… which led me down the rabbit hole – I think I’ve watched at least 10 unboxing’s at this point. What’s not to love? It’s tons of awesome beauty stuff, its cheap, its fun- it’s Christmas shopping for yourself without the guilt! 

Obviously something had to be done, but I’ve been indulging quite a bit lately so I set myself a budget and set to work narrowing down my wish list! I placed my order November 9th and it shipped one week later. I received my order November 25th, so it took two weeks and two days from the order date to  get my goodies into my greedy little hands!

First thing I unpacked were the blushes: first one is from Kleancolor Airy Minerals in the shade “Berry”. This one was still in its plastic shrink wrap when I noticed it was getting all over my duvet cover. This stuff is nuts! Its so fine you can see it escaping from the closed lid. I took this one into the bathroom, and opened it – the snapping action of popping the lid open sent clouds of mauve dust into the air. I closed it and the same thing happened – clouds of mauve dust everywhere. Way too messy – I’ll never use this for fear of coating my bathroom in a superfine purple dusting. I gave this one away but warned its new owner that it may be destined for the trash!

Next up, Malibu Glitz blushes in the shades Silky Rose, Amber and Orchid. I admit, I bought these purely because I didn’t see anyone else reviewing these blushes from the site. I love the pressed pattern of the rose, it’s so pretty! However the packaging is super cheap. This feels like its from a dollarstore, no question. I was pleased to see that the blushes did swatch nicely on my arm, the shades look quite nice and are silky to apply, if not a bit powdery.  I actually don’t know which is Silky Rose,  Amber and Orchid as each blush is not labelled – the bottom of the package just says “blusher”. Thanks, lol!

BLUSHES: Total purchased: 4

Winners: Malibu Glitz in Silky Rose,  Amber and Orchid
Losers: Kleancolor Airy Minerals in Berry

I could not prevent myself from ordering the stationary stuff! It looked so adorable! The Cute Animals Sticky Notes feels super cheap, I’ve already ripped off one to use and it curled up in my hand and won’t stick to anything. So waste of $1.00 – I threw these out. The Black Cat Notebook feels really cheap too, which is disappointing as I wanted to give it as a gift. Maybe I still will, maybe its destined for the garbage too. Not sure yet. The Variety Doll Sticker Sheet – Style #4 haven’t yet opened, but they are much smaller than the pictures online made them out to be. I bought them to use to decorate my Smash Book so I’ll let you know if they end up being usable.

STATIONARY: Total purchased: 3 

Winners: …possibly Black Cat Notebook and Variety Doll Stickers? 
Losers: Lucky Bear Adhesive Paper


Jewellery time!

I picked out the Large Pearl Studs as pearls used to be my go -to everyday earring until I lost them all. *sad face* These ones are oversized which brings a new twist on an old look for me. They came in white, pearl, dark silver and black. They look cute and draw your attention for sure! I’m suspicious of the name – “Precious Lead Compliant” makes me feel like they are not lead free and will irritate my ears. Only time will tell!

The gold leaves are gorgeous and I can’t wait to wear them and I’m loving the gold triangles too! The packaging makes them look to be higher quality than the pearls – once I open them and wear them I’ll let you know how they work out and if I am able to make it through the whole day wearing them.




Here is what I ordered:


Here is what I received:



I contacted in regards to the wrong bracelet being shipped and received a reply! They gave me 2 options- $1.00 to be credited back on to my credit card or a $2.00 credit to spend at I chose the latter of the two! Yay for a customer service win when things inadvertently go wrong. Thank you ShopMissA!

JEWELLERY: total purchased: 4

Winners: All 3 earrings

Loser: The Bracelet. 

Next up is the e.l.f. stuff and man was I excited to get these! The All Over Color Stick came in such pretty shades and the reviews I had seen online described them as creamy, pigmented and shimmery. They were totally right! These swatched beautifully and they have a vaugely candy like smell. Reminds me of Rockets that you got at halloween as a kid!

I got three shades: Persimmon, Pink Lemonade and Spotlight.  I tried Persimmon on my cheeks as a blush and despite its high pigmentation it blends right in for a pretty flush.

I also got the e.l.f. Essential Shimmering Facial Whip-Golden Peach which is a gorgeous coppery colour. However, it has way too much of a shimmer to it for me to use it on my face I have no idea how I’m going to use it – maybe just put it in my body lotion? I don’t know. I might also give it away to someone with a deep complexion as I think that would be stunning! I also got a foundation brush from e.l.f. that seems to be really good quality for $1.00. Its super soft and I can’t wait to use it!

e.l.f. COSMETICS:  Total purchased: 5
Winners: Everything!

This Red Abstract Crossbody Bag is a hilariously bad fail. Top pictures are from the Shop Miss A website – you can see that its meant to be worn at the hip and to be large enough to hold your phone and a couple credit cards, a lip balm, ect. This bag is too small for my iPhone and when I tried it on crossbody at the longest setting, it nestled comfortably under my armpit. My armpit bag is going to the first 3 year old I can find that needs a new purse. This sucks. Don’t buy it!

ACCESSORIES: Total Purchased: 1
Losers: Red Abstract Crossbody Bag 


The last two things I picked up were Wonder Eyebrow Razors and a loofah. I won’t bore you on the loofah – its a loofah and its pretty standard. The eyebrow razors I bought as I get tiny silky blonde hairs that grow between my eyebrows and beneath them. They’re annoying because they are too fine to pluck. I’ve tried to wax them but they are too fine for that too. So shaving them is the only way to go! These are good because they fold up on the blade so you don’t cut yourself while digging through your beauty stash. It did take me a moment to get used to these – there is a specific angle you must use to make them work otherwise they do nothing. They feel like cheap plastic but I don’t really care because they work!

Winners: Wonder Eyebrow Razor and Loofah bath sponge

All in all I think I did ok for this small Haul. I had some real losers in this one though – the Crossbody bag, the Airy Minerals blush from Kleancolor, the bracelet and the Stationary stuff. If I could go back and do it again, I’d edit out those 6 things. Looking at it overall, 14 wins out of 20 isn’t TERRIBLE, but its not awesome either.

My suggestion – read some reviews before buying stuff from Shop Miss A, as its a bit hit and miss. Don’t get sucked into the Youtube glory that is excited girls unpacking and losing their minds over their purchases, because at the end of the day, generally speaking this is stuff you could find at a dollar store anyway.

Have you tried out How did you do?

If there is anything listed here that you’d like a full review on, feel free to comment down below! I love hearing from you!!

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