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Mani Monday -Jamberry Gilded Leopard

FULL DISCLAIMER: I am an Independent Consultant with Jamberry in my spare time. However, my opinions are mine and mine alone.  I will never use this blog to promote a product I sell, nor will I review a product that I have not paid for, or that I have received any form of kickback or compensation for, with out fully disclosing this first. I include Jamberry only to show you a fair representation of the products I use on a regular basis. 

I’ve decided it’s going to be a good week. I’ve got food in the fridge, not too many projects on the go, and I’ve got my nails looking ship-shape! Gilded Leopard Jamberry with textThere is just something about a good animal print that makes me glow a little! (You may have picked that up if you already read my blog post on L’oreal Color Riche Feline Sauvage over here. )

This week, I did my nails with a Jamberry Nail Wrap called Gilded Leopard which is all the chicness of a good leopard print, with a little added pizazz in the form of a sparkly champagne background. How fun is that?

I have quite a few Jamberry Nail Wraps in all different designs, and this is one I come back to again and again as an all-time favourite. I may even be running low on this one – I’ll have to check my  Jamberry Nail Wrap stash to be sure!

For those of you who don’t already know, Jamberry is a brand of Nail Wraps that you can only get through Independent Consultants (just like Scentsy, or Steeped Tea, or Thirty-One). They come in a ton of different styles and patterns, including several different animal prints that I am always keeping a close eye on (hint, hint, Christmas is a coming…).

What makes them different from other nail wraps is that they are applied with heat which is supposed to make them last longer – I normally get a week or so out of my wraps, sometimes as long as two weeks before I take them off! Sometimes I change them sooner because I’m interested in a different pattern, sometimes because my nail is growing out and I don’t like the way it looks anymore.

Overall, I’ve had great luck with my wraps not peeling or coming off on their own-with the exception of one style, which did not last at all.  However, I contacted Jamberry and was shipped a replacement set in another style right away so I was pretty happy in the end.

The only other brand I’ve tried is Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips which are an entirely different animal, as they are made of nail polish. They are supposed to last 10 days but mine did not. This, and the huge selection of Jamberry prints is the biggest difference between them. I would say they both look equally as good day 1, but you can really tell the difference as they wear.

I’ve been tempted to try the Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish Strips as they are supposed to last even longer, however they do require the use of the curing lamp which I don’t own and am not about to invest in anytime soon.

Lately,  I’ve seen that Essie also makes wraps, as well as Wet ‘N Wild, OPI, etc. but I haven’t committed to any of them yet. What do you think? Should I do a review and comparison of the different brands?

What kinds of wraps have you tried? What did you think of them and how long did they last for you?

Let me know in the comments down below! I love hearing from you!

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