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Lipstick Showdown: The Orange Lip

Yes, I went there. Orange.

I know what you’re thinking, and is orange really a simple and wearable color? If you’re fair skinned like me, when it comes to the oranges and orangey-corals, I say HELLS YEAH – but orange compliments many different skin tones. I especially LOVE the way a deep or bright orange shade looks on dark skin. Just google Lupita Orange Lipstick and you’ll see what I mean. She rocks it!
Lipstick Showdown - the Oranges
I went through my collection and everything in this colour family is so similar it hurts. What a silly way to spend my money!

First of all, I need to put out a disclaimer that I own three shades from Maybelline and one from Rimmel. Thats it. So I’m going to be telling you about how these two brands compare, but I’m sure you can guess at this point which one I am loving the most.

Let’s start with the bad: I have the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 620 Coral Queen.

And to be fair its not that bad. It’s just a bit cakey and thick. First thing I notice when applying this lipstick is that every crease and dry spot on my lips is visible. It just doesn’t look awesome. So I never end up wearing it anywhere and really giving it a good test run.

The next shade is the Maybelline Color Whisper in 40 Orange Attitude. This is probably the easiest to wear orange you can get. It’s sheer and moisturizing and lets you have the orange edginess while keeping things fairly tame.

The next two are Maybelline Color Whisper Colorsensational lipsticks and the only difference between them are in the opacity. They are almost the exact same shade!

Kind of weird move for Maybelline to make, I could in all honesty ditch one and just do one or the other, but personally I like the range of commitment I have to this bold look by keeping both.

They are both really moisturizing and comfortable to wear. The same great packaging that shows by the case what colour family the lipstick inside belongs to. Comparing the texture of these to the Rimmel is easy – the Rimmel is softer and creamier, but much dryer.  The Maybelline seems firmer when applying it, goes on sheerer and builds to an opaque colour.

maybelline Colorsensational swatch

So far it’s clear that the Maybelline Colorsensational are a favourite! They beat out the rest of them quite easily with the texture and moisturizing ability.

So what do you think? Would you try an orange lip – or is orange a colour you already rock in your lipstick collection? What are you favourite kinds?

Let me know in the comments down below! I love hearing from you!

And check out my post – Lipstick Showdown: the Nudes and Blushes for more lipstick reviews!

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