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Lipstick Showdown: The Nudes & The Blushes

Everyone wants to know what happens behind closed doors. In the case of my bathroom cabinet, it hides a dark secret: I tend to over buy what I like.  I have quite a few lippies in my collection that are extremely similar,  and so the only rational thing to do is rate and compare them all for you!

Lipstick showdownI by no means have a vast collection, in fact its quite modest compared to the beauty guru’s of Youtube. But I have a range from drugstore to department store and I definitely have some real winners in here!

First up, its the nudes. I have six shades in the nude family, three which are a true light nude, and three that are all blush shades.

This Clinique Chubby Stick was a freebie I got as part of a kit quite  a while ago and I’m so glad I did!

It’s creamy and lives up to its description of a moisturizing lip colour. The shade of 01 Curviest Caramel is close to my skin tone, just slightly lighter than my natural lip colour. It’s not totally opaque, and some of natural lip colour shows through which means its a super natural looking lip colour.

I don’t find myself reaching for this shade a ton, but when I do wear it I’m reminded of how nice it is! However, it retails for about $20.00 at Sears, Sephora and Hudson’s Bay which is more than I like to spend on lip products. When this is done I won’t be re buying, but its something I might put on my wish list for Christmas!

Next, I have a MAC Lipstick in the shade A20 Myth, it’s a satin finish which is semi-matte.  The attendant at the store helped me pick this out when I wanted to rock a nude lip, however I dislike this lipstick with a passion.

It’s just not a good match for my skin tone (just look at the redness popping from my face next to this thing) and I find it too cakey and opaque. Definitely not wearable. I just don’t know what to do with it now that I’ve wasted $20.00 on it! It feels wrong to toss it but I’ll never wear it…the struggle is real!

My last true nude is Maybelline Color Sensational in shade 920 Nude Lust.

This is my favourite of the three as its a true nude that goes well with my skin tone and feels great on! It’s lighter than the Clinique Chubby which means that I reach for this one when I really want to smoke out my eyes and tone down my lips.

I like the packaging on this collection as the lipstick case reflects the colour family that the shade belongs to, making it a breeze to find the one I’m after. This one sells on for $9.99 and I paid something similar for this one. I know Shopper’s Drug Mart has sales on this line of lipsticks on a pretty regular basis so I’m always tempted to try out another shade from the line if I can snap it up then!

Moving onto the blush shades…

I have Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick in shade 104. I like a lot of Rimmel products but this lipstick to be frank is a dud. It feels somewhat slightly gritty going on, and is really drying on my lips.The weird part is that this sucker gets a 4.5/5 stars on I can wear it for about 30 minutes before I’m reaching for something to take it off again. Not a fan.

I really should toss this one, but the Kate packaging is so cute! Plus, I’m a Kate too, so it kind of stuck around even though I don’t like it!

Next is the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in shade 235 Warm Me Up – this one is just like the other Color Sensational in that it’s comfortable to wear and looks great on. Just a couple shades darker than 920 Nude Lust, its all around  a decent lipstick. Same price as the other Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick, about $9.99 but goes on sale regularly.

Lastly, this is another Maybelline product from their Moisture Extreme line (shade B365 Bold Blush) and it is so old that its been discontinued. Which is a shame because this is my favourite blush lipstick!

In fact, this is the one that started my lipstick addition. I feel like I keep looking for something that will be similar in every new product I try. But sadly, to no avail. I’ve worn this about a thousand times and was my everyday lippie for the longest time, and still hasn’t run out. I don’t know, is it gross to keep a lipstick for this long? I’ve wiped it down with an alcohol swab a few times and just hoped for the best.

This lippie is creamy and just the right consistency. It builds nicely and is extremely wearable.

One day I will find something that I love just as much and that day will be a happy one indeed!

For me, there is a clear winner in this group – the Maybelline Color Extreme comes out #1, with the Maybelline Color Sensational shades tying for second. Go Maybelline!

What do you guys think? Do you have a favourite in the nude/blush family?

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