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The Small Haul – essence

Let’s be real – I’m not about to drop any serious cash to add to my already semi-exploding makeup stash.

But I am not above grabbing a little pick-me-up or something to change up my makeup routine. In fact, its kind of what I do.

And this is how I started my obsession with essence: I grabbed a pretty cranberry red polish (113 do you speak love?) from their Colour & Go line a while back on whim.  If you’ve been on my Twitter or Instagram lately, you already know how I feel about this brand – I’m not going to claim to be an expert, but for the seriously low price-point, I’ve yet to be disappointed by the performance of their product! The all about sunrise eyeshadow palette even made it onto my Top 10 Simple Drugstore Beauty Must – Haves list!

Which leads me to my most recent Shopper’s Drug Mart venture. I was sitting at my desk at work on a break, checking over the most recent flyer on line when WOAH – What have we here??

The Small Haul

I see essence nail enamel or cosmetic product, selected types starting at just $1.99!!

Obviously I ran over on my lunch break to scope out the situation. To my dismay, the Beauty Boutique attendant expained that the flyer was showing the regular price of essence products (starting at $1.99) and there was actually no sale. The How to Make Nude Eyes shown in the ad was regular price at $9.99 and the I Love Trends Polish was $2.49. Very sad.

Lesson leaned – read Shopper’s Drug Mart flyers very carefully and with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Sure I was disappointed, but not so disappointed that I couldn’t spend a little money on something pretty for myself!

Since the new the Gel Nail Polish came out a few months back, I’ve been dying to try one of them! It seems everyone has been on the gel bandwagon and while most haven’t quite lived up to their claims of longevity, essence hasn’t yet dissapointed me! And at $2.99, I quickly got over my no-actual-sale sadness.

The Small Haul - essenceSo I picked up a couple bottles for myself in neutral shades- 05 Sweet As Candy and 35 Engaged. I also grabbed a bottle from the I Love Trends The Nudes Collection in 10 Nude Sweet Nude. Let me tell you – this shade is gorgeous! It’s somewhere between a rose gold and a copper penny and I cannot wait to rock it on my nails!

The Small Haul - essenceI also grabbed the eyeliner pen – unlike the soft, flexible brush on my regular liquid eyeliner, this guy has a tip that is super similar to a fine tip marker. It’s a bit more firm, which I hope translates into better control and precision. This is key, as I am cursed when it comes to making my liquid eyeliner perfectly symmetrical on each eye. Most of the time, I just end up adjusting each side over and over until I have a ridiculously bold cat eye. Perhaps this eyeliner pen will change things up for me!

Lastly, I grabbed the Cream to Powder Blush from the Mountain Calling line and let me tell you – there is a reason I couldn’t wait to post about it!

essence mountain calling cream to powder blush in 01 Let's Climb Mount BeautyI’m totally digging the flushed-just-in-from-the-cold hue. See my full review of this limited edition blush here.

So there you have it folks – a great Small Haul from essence that rang in at less than $17.00 total!

Have you guys tried essence yet? Have you run into anything that doesn’t float your boat, or has it satisfied your yearning for a cheap beauty fix like its done for me so far?

Leave  a comment down below, I love hearing from you!

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