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essence Mountain Calling cream to powder blush First Impressions

I picked up this essence Mountain Calling cream to powder blush on my last trip to Shoppers Drug Mart where I also snagged a tube of Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara.


I always love to check out the displays from essence – I’ve tried a few of their products and have not been disappointed! The price point of this brand is excellent as well, so I’m finding I’m gravitating towards this stuff when I need a little pick-me-up without the guilt.

Tempted by the shadow palette… But stuck to my gut and my initial reaction when I saw the display. 

This blush rang it at just $3.99. Check out the beautiful shade – it immediately caught my eye! It was the only one available in the display featuring the Mountain Calling line of products, so I’m not sure if they have other cream to powder blushes or not. I didn’t notice any in the regular essence display.


The packaging is pretty standard – nothing high-end, but I feel confident throwing this into my purse that the case is going to stay snugly shut and it’s not going to create a mess inside my bag.

essence mountain calling cream to powder blushessence mountain calling cream to powder blush

It comes off really sheer on my finger, compared to the bold shade in the packaging. I’m kind of disappointed by the pigmentation as I was hoping for something a little more dramatic!

I applied the cream brush with my fingers as per the package directions and got a pretty, natural flush. Not what I was going for, but I think it’s still really nice for an everyday look.  Here’s a side by side comparison of before and after I applied the blush:  IMG_4567IMG_4569

Pretty natural looking, right? I feel like this is a super wearable shade that mimics the flush of my cheeks when I’ve been out on a cool fall day. Although it wasn’t what I was expecting, I can totally see myself wearing this.

Have you guys tried any of essences blushes before? How was the color payoff? Do you think that the Mountain Calling Creme Blush is pretty much on par with their regular line of blushes or is it sheerer? Let me know what you think, I love hearing from you!

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