How to Write a Better Beauty Product Review

Hey, I know – I’m three posts deep and I’m claiming to actually know something about writing a better beauty product review! But stick with me, because I have some valid points to make, and at least one confession.

Here goes: I have an embarrassing addiction to watching video after video based around the same product on YouTube.

How to Write a Better Blog Post
2 hours later: OMG I can’t stop watching

Embarrassing because my boyfriend will look over my shoulder two hours later only to see I’m watching someone different talking about the same eyeshadow/moisturizer/whatever it happens to be.  I have a theory that if I watch enough of these reviews, I can finally stop wasting my money on garbage that doesn’t work, or live up to its hype! I may be shooting for the moon, but hey – the result is that I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about what makes a good review!

I’ve taken my Top 10 product review pet peeves and turned them into something you CAN do to improve your Beauty Product Review and give your audience a better grasp of what your exprience has really been like.

1. Keep your intro simple and engaging!

I love watching lots of YouTube videos on the same product in order to get a well-rounded picture of how it’s worked for different people. The downside to this is that it sometimes takes a while to sift through the “fluff” and get to the content that I’m after. As fun as it is to share stories and tell people about what else is happening in your life, if it’s not related to the review or short and sweet, consider making a post about that event or news.  Then link to it in the review rather than jumping headfirst into a ramble that your viewers are going to skip past, or worse, get bored and move onto a more succinct review.

2. Let us know where you found this product!

Could you have found it elsewhere? Is it easily available or only through particular retailers? Sometimes when I’m researching a new product, I’ll get my heart set on something only to learn that it’s not available in Canada! Boo! If you let me know where you found it, or better yet link to a seller online, it saves me the work of trying to determine if I actually have access to this wonder product before falling in love with it!

3. How much did you actually fork out for it? 

Ok, ok – I’ve been called cheap before and while I do love a good deal, I don’t mind paying for quality. That being said, I’m going to need to know if this product is realistically affordable for me. You may love your new $90 lipstick, but if a splurge to me is spending $13 on a single item at the drugstore, then I’ll just admire your luxury lippy while I look at cheaper dupes in my price range.

Ballpark prices are good, but if you can tell us what you actually paid (and let us know if you found it on sale, had coupons etc.) we’d certainly appreciate it! This lets me know if I’ve found a good price when I’m out and about.

4. Cut out the rambling

Even if in your video you look particularly cute in the lighting at that moment. Even if you feel like you need a bit of filler in your paragraph. If there is a way to say it with fewer words, say it with fewer words. Like, kind of, umm…Yeah. You know what I mean?

5. Show me!

Don’t just use your words! Use lots of pictures/video showing each stage of the trial process. What does the packaging look like? Is is flimsy or does it feel durable? When you say it’s a mousse or gel consistency, show me what that looks like right from the tube. Is the applicator unique? What does the first coat look like? What does it look like after a full application?

6. Speaking of…Swatches are great but you know what’s even better?

Using the product as its intended. As much as I love seeing the deep aubergine on the back of your hand, I want to see what it looks like on your lip! Lets see how you rock that coral blush, or show us a before and after photo of a new concealer.

7. First impressions, Last impressions 

I want to know what its like to be a newbie with this product, what you think as you take it straight from the packaging to your skin. Then I want to know what you truly think after you’ve put it to the test!

8. Compare the product to its marketing

Did they do a good job of really telling you what it was going to be like? Did you get three days of wear from a “10 Day Chip Proof” nail polish? I wanna know if this product lives up to the hype, so be nice – but be honest and let us know if your expectations were met.  If it has let yo down, tell us why and in what way. Don’t be afraid to write a bad review, just make sure it’s coming from a well-intentioned place.

9. Don’t be afraid to be your normal, silly self!

It helps us get to know you as a blogger and keeps things light and fresh! Share the stuff that makes you uniquely YOU.

10. Create an outro.

This wraps up the post and solidify your particular branding. I like to posit a question, something I’d like to know about you guys, what your thoughts or impressions are, and then add my signature to each post. It could be a particular image, an invitation to follow you on instagram etc. Be consistent and use your outro theme on each post.

So that being said, is there anything I’ve missed? What stands out and bugs you the most when reading reviews or watching them on YouTube?

love, beauty & the beaver


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