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essie Repstyle Magnetic Lacquer review

Its been a few months since I first discovered that Dollarama here in London started carrying some discontinued essie Nail Lacquers! 

Seriously, this stuff normally retails for $10-$12 at the drugstore. I found this bottle for sale for $3 and I immediately loved the dark metallic silver shade which will be perfect for the holidays! Bonus: Its one of those fancy Magnetic Polishes! If you’ve never seen one, a magnetic polish contains tiny particles that react to the magnet included in the cap of the bottle. Just hold the cap close to your nails while the polish is wet and voila! A neat design springs to life! Essie’s collection called Repstyle has (you guessed it) a reptile pattern to the magnet, which is meant to give a snake-skin design!

It’s a really gorgeous shade of gun metal with the most delicate metallic shimmer to it.

essie repstyle review

essie Repstyle Review

I was initially disappointed that the magnetic cap pops off as it feels kind of cheap and gimmicky but after thinking it through, I guess you’d really not want to have the cap all once piece. If that were the case you’d have to then wrangle an upside down wet brush on top of the challenge of trying to get the magnet to work. Ok, essie, you win this one. The brush itself is pretty standard and pretty basic for such a well established and popular brand. I have a couple other essie shades and they all have the same underwhelming applicator brush.

essie Repstyle review

I couldn’t find anything on essie’s website in regards to this product as it was a limited edition, so I turned to other beauty bloggers for instructions on how its meant to be used.

Amber from Beauty Junkies Unite writes that although the instructions recommend using the magnet after you’ve applied the second coat and are still wet, she found that the pattern was more distinct after applying a topcoat and THEN  using the magnet. Sounds bizarre to me, since the colour would have to be mostly dry in order to top coat it. I’m going to give it a go regardless!

This lacquer applied smoothly and velvety, to the point there I almost couldn’t tell the difference between one coat and two. Almost. You could definitely pull off a one coat job if you were pressed for time and were heading out to spend the evening in dim lighting where your manicure wouldn’t be scrutinized. But I can tell, and that’s enough to warrant a second coat, in my opinion!

I tried it both ways that Beauty Junkies Unite described and unfortunately, similar to Amber’s experience with this particular shade Snake, Rattle & Roll, I couldn’t get the pattern to really take shape. The trick is really getting the magnet close enough to your nail without accidently bumping and ruining your wet mani. Try as I might, I couldn’t get an even result. Boo. Is this why this shade ended up at the Dollarama?

essie repstyle magnetic lacquer reviewThis is still a beautiful color, and for $3 I am pretty happy with the way my manicure turned out even if its sans snake-skin effects. I’m kind of thinking that despite my initial excitement, the trend of the patterned metallic nails is kind of over by now anyways, so I might as well just toss the magnetic cap and enjoy the lacquer as is.

What do you think? Is this trend still kind of cool or is it done by now? Would you still wear this collection despite the magnet trick not necessarily working the best?

love, beauty & the beaver


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