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Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector Swatch & Review

I picked up this Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector a while back and then promptly forgot that i own it!


I’ve been wanting to try out a BB Cream for a while – I have to admit I totally buy into the beauty buzz surrounding new products! It took me a while to really get a solid idea of what a BB Cream is meant for, but generally they are intended to do the job of a few of your favourite beauty products, all in one convenient tube!

This little guy retails for about $15 and I believe I got it at Walmart… like I said, its been a little while since I purchased this! For its size, I kind of feel like I overpaid for this but as you’ll see a little bit goes a really long way.

Here’s what Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector claims to do: (from

1. Renews
2. Brightens
3. Evens
4. Hydrates 24H
5. Protects

Garnier introduces Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector that immediately and effectively fulfills your skincare expectations. Save time with just one multi-benefit product that combines advanced skincare + immediate skin perfecting coverage.

I’m very fair with pinky or peachy undertones, so I purchased the shade “Light” which turned out to be a great match. I’ve only seen it in a couple of shades (light, light/medium, medium/deep) so I don’t know if it’s designed to be universally flattering, but I can’t imagine it would match as closely for everyone as it does for me.

Here’s the set up: on days I go bare-faced I normally cleanse, tone and moisturize. I’ve got normal skin which is usually pretty sensitive – if I wear a full face of makeup seven days a week I tend to get blemishes. So today I just added the BB cream to this routine to really see how it performs without the addition of other products.

my bathroom lighting is not great and I’m always hard pressed for time in the mornings, so I’ve swatched this for you again on my wrist & forearm

Squeezing a tiny bit from the tube, I immediately noticed that this BB Cream is really thick, way thicker than my normal full coverage foundation. Reminds me of the consistency of toothpaste almost! It smells really nice, really fresh and appears totally flat in tone, no shimmer or dimensions in this bad boy.  As I began to massage it into my skin I was alarmed by how dark it seemed – but as I worked it in, what seemed to be really thick coverage blended right into my skin tone. I did notice a bit of streakiness but as it dried I just kept right on blending and those streaks disappeared. Whew!



My skin felt slightly tacky at first which i thought was just the freshly – moisturized feeling, but it turned out to last the day through. Something maybe a little powder or an oil absorbing sheet could fix? I actually forgot I was wearing any product until I blew my nose and rubbed quite a bit of it off! By the end of the day I can say I definitely have some redness coming through but I still feel like my skin is moisturized. (The tacky feeling lingers.)

I give this product 4/5, taking off half a point for the stickiness (and the face that my forehead looks slick in the photo below!) and half a point for not lasting throughout the whole day. In terms of its claims, I’d say its a stretch that this product renews my skin. I actually have no idea what that means in the context of this product. Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow with skin that looks fresh as  a newborn baby’s? It definitely brightens, evens and hydrates, maybe hydrates to the point of being a tad greasy!  As for protects, I was surprised to peruse the label to find no mention of SPF of any kind. Not sure what they meant by “protects” either. All in all, I’d use Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector (this name is still a mouthful) instead of going totally barefaced in order to even out my skin and reduce the redness, however I’ll be sure to set it with a little powder next time and keep some oil blotting sheets handy for touch ups throughout the day.

my skeptical face
My skeptical face

I’m really skeptical that it would replace a moisturizer and I’m not likely to try that anytime soon now that the dry, cold weather is here! There is no way that something like this would replace a foundation either, not unless you normally wear something really sheer. So in terms of being a time saver, I really don’t see how this BB Cream would do much there. However this product is a really nice addition to do something in between a bare face and full foundation,  so if you were planning on replacing some of your old beauty routine products with something like this, I’d skip clearing out the cabinet altogether and instead consider freeing up a little space for something to be added to your beauty stash!

Has anyone tried this with dry skin or without a moisurizer? What about you beauties with different undertones, did it work for you? Let me know down below, I love hearing from you!

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